I had a dream about a dolphin

I always look for my dream interpretation  excited to discover clues, my subconscious is projecting for me. Lately my dream are easier to remember and I’m thrilled for this last one is in particular. I feel the change within, I know it’s a new time and extremely rare opportunity to go beyond my past actions and form.

DOLPHINS : Dolphins tend to be very spiritual creatures and we associate them with beautiful harmonious feelings and great intelligence. They can link with good communication within a relationship and spiritual excitement. So look for such themes right now in your life. One child in our studies had the dolphin dream at a time when she was starting to behave better. Her mother noticed her recent lack of tantrums. So her dolphin dream represented her new much more harmonious mood. The dolphin symbolised her new found calm and contentment (qualities that we link with dolphins).

(source: http://www.unclesirbobby.org.uk/dreamdictionarydolphin.php)

I had a dream about being convinced by a dolphin to play and to travel together. The dolphin was friendly and I had little doubt I will be safe on the open waters. Nevertheless, the company and adventure, the loving creature won my heart and we swam together.

I remember, the moment we took off shore, I got a news-flash in front of my eyes, that some people, who represented the media world, they made a big news of it, and that everyone just for a while tried to become a dolphin.

Just before meeting a dolphin I was at the Xmas ice skating park, almost ready to join skating people, but somehow doing it by myself wasn’t so appealing. Then I went to the marina and sat down at the water front, when a dolphin came and put its nose on my lap. I understood its thoughts, it was almost like in a cartoon. It made me super happy.

There are many symbols here starting from the open water, traveling together, traveling to unknown, through scary waters and so on, but I’m it seams to me, you can easily pick up the meaning of all that.


Stay tuned for more exciting news from the other dimension of my dream-world!


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