Imagine what would you do with all the money you want.

What would you do with it?
Who would benefit from it?
How would it change others lives?
What would you build?
Who’s day would you make?
What would you give?
Where would you go?
Where would you live?
What would you grow?
How much good would it bring and to how many?
How big do you want to dream?
What impact would you make?



Your bed
Next to you – your love
Your home
Exotic and simple on the outside,
Warm and comfortable on the inside
A mix of dark wood and radiant colors, discretely embedded
Your flower garden, vibrant and tempting
Fruit trees and bushes, a small herb garden
Studio to go nuts creatively, filled with pottery and paintings
not so much of an art but precious

Kids running
Music playing
Sun shining

Safe and mellow environment, among community you want to be part of giving your heart, mind and spirit to friends and families, you are bound to with mutual affection, love and support


Abundance of gratitude, appreciation, love, kindness, joy, creativity, ecstasy, varieties of fruit, shared with others, day-by-day, in the never ending cycle of creating another best day of all

It’s all happening already
Get ready and allow what’s happening

how would it be to do whatever you really want and to how would you keep yourself happy? How would it be to be whoever you want to become and how does that feel, really?


How would you interact with others, would you have any worries or would you become completely calm, fearless and confident?
What stops you from feeling this way right now and how does that work on your advantage?

If you imagine it all just like it real and so familiar, just like details of your nose or hand. Paint a vivid image, rich with emotions you can build and study it as often as you can, before the night sleep especially.

All your dreams are your reality that is yours, just allow the universe to roll. Play with its rules and follow gently all traces of true happiness, chaise it if you have to, fight for it with your affection, stubbornest and peace of mind.

Bon voyage my dearest friend! My soul, my body, my creator.



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