My favorite movie of all – Dreamkeeper (2003)

This is a story of a young Indian who travels to the Nations with his grandfather, story-teller. While they are on the road grandpa is telling stories about old Indian ways and traditions, that beautifully relate to the inside transformation of his grandson.

This movie is full of fantastic heroes, gods and simple people, talking about love, bravery and dreams. It teaches you what to do and what not to do. It was made with huge imagination in a way you appreciate every moment of it. I love it so because it talks in simple way about what’s important in life, and made me realize over and over that the real human power is within.

“There’s no word in our language for ‘me’, ‘I’, just ‘we’, ‘us’!”


dreamkeeper poster


dreamkeeper_final dreamkeeper-5-1 dreamkeeper-6-1 Dreamkeeper-kard1 grandfather

more about the movie here:


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