Hi, my name is Anna (or Ana, or Ania, or balladanna). I created this space to organize my thoughts around topics that matters, so anyone who’s will find it interesting can read about:

I was born in Warsaw, Poland, where I was long time project managing for international companies (e.g. software development, computer games) but I was always interested in early human development and communication, cognitive science (e.g. Business Coaching and NLP Practitioner Certificates) as well as human origin, astrology and all world religion. I practice yoga, reflexology, EFT and all form of meditation, focused on self-healing, self-development and bringing love and happiness to the world.

I always felt I need to travel, to make connections all around the world, to learn and teach, to be a part of something bigger than my own world, to help others to learn what I knew, and what;s true for them as well. Throughout many years of practicing meditation I opened myself to my spiritual guide enough to make a decision and to move to Amsterdam. This is where my transformation journey begun. After one year I moved to London, where I had the best job ever in the Digital Agency, Glowlabs. I was already a vegetarian, but shortly after the moving I discovered the adaptt.org site, Gary Yurofsky’s vegan project, and I become vegan from the moment I watched his lecture.

One day, browsing through the youtube videos, I found durianrider’s channel and I was so overwhelmed with all I learnt, and I felt so happy instantly, recognizing the truth in his genuine words. Harley Johnstone, long time raw-foodist and athlete, made one good point after another and I accepted the raw food lifestyle as my own from that day forward. Few months later, while I was still asking myself during my meditations about ‘my mission in life’, the vision came to me in the dream. I was about to leave London and cycle the Europe, maybe the whole world, to promote the raw food. I created Raw International, a project that promotes raw food and sustainable lifestyle, by connecting people around the world to make the awareness grow, to build an alternative, sustainable live for all who’s ready to take a part in it. RI is developing slowly, while I’m travelling, meeting amazing and inspiring people, and getting invaluable experience.

I must admit, from the moment I made it my focus point, all magical things are happening to me and around me. People I meet, the help I get, the projects I get involved into, it’s all I asked for in order to make my dreams come true. I will share some of the stories while writing about the Travel and the Raw International project in this blog.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or you want to share your opinion, and remember, as my friend, Arnold N. Kauffman says that ‘Every Moment is A Moment of Love’. Totally agree.

Every Moment is A Moment of Love


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